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Shadow of the Colossus

Officially commissioned by Cook and Becker and Sony Japan/Team Ico, Swedish artist Killian Eng illustrated this unique 'Shadow of the Colossus' art print.

Drawing on his memories of playing his "all-time favorite game", Kilian Eng’s art style and expressive, evocative imagery blends perfectly with that of Team Ico’s inspiring game.

The print is available in two limited editions, a standard-size version and a large-size edition. The measurements listed are the image sizes.

The paper size for the standard edition is 70 x 50 cm | 28 x 19.3 inch. The paper size of the large edition is 110 x 76 cm| 43 x 30 inch.

Kilian Eng, also known under the moniker DW Design, chose to reimagine a moment when Wander and his horse Agro arrive at the Forbidden Land, and get their first glimpse of the first colossus.

Carefully balancing the colors of this amazing image, and playing with a strong atmospheric perspective, Eng shows us just enough of the colossus to be in awe of its size and presence. The resulting artwork is a strong visual re-imagination of a game that, in style and substance, sits among the most influential games of its generation.

Kilian Eng

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I invite the viewer to fantasize about what might happen before and after the exact moment frozen in the picture.