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L'Enlèvement d'Eurodisney

L'enlèvement d'Eurodisney (The Abduction of Eurodisney) is Julien Renoult’s unique take on the classical Greek (and Roman) story the Abduction of Europa wherein the girl Europa is abducted by the god Zeus disguised as a bull.

In Renoult’s version Zeus and Europa are being chased by the hero Heracles (Hercules) who is depicted here as in Renoult’s Hercules Contre Son Beau Père carrying a Hellenic helmet and with legs as those of the mythical Minotaur. The Minotaur is sometimes seen as being descendent from Zeus’ manifestation as a bull and defeating this creature is one of the twelve Labours of Hercules.

Both Renoult’s classical art training and background in animation show in this artwork in the dynamic composition and themes. The mix between two-dimensional patterns and his 3D-modelled figures creates a captivating and rich image.

L'Enlèvement d'Eurodisney contains all kinds of intriguing visual clues that keep the viewer guessing about the meaning of the work. By whom is Europa being abducted and what does the name change to Eurodisney imply? The capitalist and consumerist symbols hint to an abduction or domination by consumerist culture. The XXX price tags in the background, Zeus’ robe with the Mickey Mouse designs and his crown of flowers replaced by toy merchandise are interesting symbols. And what do the cash registers and the characters that resemble figures from contemporary Chinese art mean? Are these producers or consumers?

L'Enlèvement d'Eurodisney is an original digital fine art print.

Julien Renoult

Julien Renoult (born 1974) is an autonomous artist and art director who has often worked for the film and video game industries. Born in France, Renoult lives and works in the United States, and has been involved in a range of successful video games, like the colorful Sunset Overdrive and Marvel's Spider-Man.

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