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Heracles contre son beau-père

Heracles Contre Son Beau-père (Heracles Versus His Father-in-law ), together with L'Enlèvement d'Eurodisney belongs to Julien Renoult’s mythologically inspired artworks. In these works he adapts the classical Greek (and Roman) stories to his own unique views and mixes them with modern imagery and details. The resulting images are layered with meaning and intrigue and captivate. Both Renoult’s Beaux Arts and animation background clearly show through in these works of art.

The god Zeus in Heracles Contre Son Beau-père is depicted in his manifestation as a bull but with unusually large ears. Heracles also has the legs of a bull but in a shape that calls to mind the mythical Minotaur. This creature is sometimes also regarded as descending from Zeus’ bull form and is part of The Twelve Labours of Heracles. But while Zeus is Heracles’ biological father he is explicity named father-in-law in the title of the artwork. What is the role of the figures in the elevator and what is the connection between this artwork and Renoult’s L'Enlèvement d'Eurodisney?

Heracles Contre Son Beau-père is an original digital fine art print exclusively available in this limited edition of 12.

Julien Renoult

Julien Renoult (born 1974) is an autonomous artist and art director who has often worked for the film and video game industries. Born in France, Renoult lives and works in the United States, and has been involved in a range of successful video games, like the colorful Sunset Overdrive and Marvel's Spider-Man.

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