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No Gods Nor Masters

No Gods Nor Masters is an original artwork by Dutch artist Chris Berens, made in close conjunction with CD PROJEKT RED and Cook and Becker. The work shows Geralt of Rivia and his horse Roach in a forest clearing, attending a meeting of forest creatures inspired by The Witcher games and the books of Andrzej Sapkowski.
Ciri and a Wild Hunt Drakkar float above them.

In addition to the original painting, No Gods No Masters is also available for purchase as a museum quality giclee print in a large size (edition of 75) and a small size (edition of 125).

One of the striking features of Berens' art is the translucency of his scenes and characters. To achieve this, he carefully builds a scene using a layering technique: smaller paintings are added to the canvas one paper strip at a time, drenched in varnish, and cut back out when parts don't fit the composition. The end result is typical of Berens art: expertly crafted and mesmerising in every detail, yet dreamlike and loose in execution.

No Gods Nor Masters was carefully reproduced from the original painting by Cook and Becker's master printers, and is offered as a limited edition museum grade giclee print, available in two sizes.

Chris Berens

Chris Berens (Netherlands, 1976) is a Dutch painter best known for his otherworldly rendering of subjects. Heavily influenced by Dutch masters like Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Jheronimus Bosch, as well as academic artists like Ingres or Bouguereau, he is very much a painter of our times, lending a surrealistic and 'floating' quality to art that is quintessentially modern.

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