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AFK Arena Book

The World of Esperia awaits you!

AFK Arena is the highly successful fantasy role-playing game for mobile devices, developed by Chinese development studio Lilith Games. The game is popular with players for its mix of idle RPG and turn-based RPG mechanics and gorgeous, illustrative art.

The game takes place in the world of Esperia, a medieval fantasy world of war and chaos. This world is rich in diverse cultures and has a vast array of intelligent creatures. These peoples all belong to different factions and unions, and conflicts of beliefs and ideologies are constantly played out between them. The tethers of life and death, the star-crossed destinies of gods and mortals, and struggles against demonic forces, set the scene for this world's vibrant tales.

AFK Arena sets itself apart from other narrative-rich games by placing the characters' view of events front and center, telling stories of the world from unique perspectives, and fleshing out the world and the many valorous heroes intricately and with real depth.

About the AFK Arena Art Book
The AFK Arena Art Book consists of two beautifully designed art books in a luxury cassette, rendered in a princely satin white. Divided across the two books are over 560 pages full of Asperia history:

    • Full world overview and history released for the first time ever.
    • Beautifully designed high-quality artwork
    • Wonderfully woven tales of Heroes and their Unions
    • First-time release of never-before-seen character art
    • Items, equipments, and skills all included

Lilith Games has this to say about the development of the book:

"Whilst planning these official AFK Arena Artbooks, we were constantly taking our players into consideration—what would make the best possible experience for them? So there have been dozens of revisions and tweaks, aiming to create the ideal book.
It's also hoped these books will introduce many people not yet familiar with Esperia to the world and its stories.
If it just piques your interest, or even if you really love it, we are truly grateful and feel honored."

Technical details
    • Two hardcover books, bound, with rounded spine, in a beautiful slipcase.
    • Books measure 33 H x 22 W cm / 13 H x 8.6 W inch individually.
    • Approx. 560 pages in total across 2 books
    • Full Color
    • English Language
    • Token card with two redeemable in-game items

The AFK Arena Art book is a co-production between Lilith Games and Cook and Becker. Worldwide shipping.

Lilith Games

Lilith Games is a Chinese software developer and publisher known for its colorful mobile hit games AFK Arena, Dislyte, Soul Hunters, and Art of Conquest.

AFK Arena