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Basri Ket

The artwork 'Basri Ket' is part of the official Magic: The Gathering fine art print collection by Cook and Becker and Wizards of the Coast and part of our exclusive Summer season MtG print drop.

バスリ・ケト (Planeswalkers Championship Promos Edition): Devotion, dedication, solitude. All of these things and more can be attributed to the virtuous planeswalker Basri Ket. Even through complete tragedy, Basri never lost his faith and uses his power to bolter and support the ones who need him most.

Toshiaki Takayama captured everything that makes Basri so compelling within the Magic: The Gathering pantheon within the Planeswalkers Championship Promos Edition. The sand storms that swell around him give Basri an anglicism, with rich golds and gleaming whites cascading across the canvas.

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