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Swedish artist Kilian Eng (DW Design) has a unique style and visual language that is sometimes described as retro futuristic. Kilian Eng illustrates and animates artwork that feels dreamlike and evokes curiosity.

Collision is an original digital art print by Kilian Eng. This Certified Art Giclee is signed, numbered and is part of an exclusive limited edition.

When interviewed about his creative process, the graphic artist and illustrator Kilian Eng explains that he likes to narrate in his work and that his art needs to invite people to make up their own stories in response. "Even if an image is shown as a single piece and not as part of a series, both I and the viewer need to be able to fantasize about what might happen before and after the exact moment frozen in the picture", says Kilian Eng. "This creative engagement helps to give substance to the worlds I depict and lets me develop new scenarios."

As with dreamscapes, Kilian Eng’s art can seem simultaneously threatening and welcoming. Much of Kilian Eng's inspiration is derived from his interest in surrealism, science fiction, theater scenography as well as from architecture and the urban landscape. "I’m very interested in creating environments in my work. I’m fascinated by architecture - ancient, futuristic, fantastic - so I often incorporate buildings or structures. The characters that inhabit the pictures are dropped in these unexpected surroundings."

The analog, sometimes retro feel of Kilian Eng's art is deceptive. He works in a completely digital medium and deliberately adds the anachronistic effects via the computer. The precise texture of paper, the range of colors and the careful balances between light and dark are all carefully selected and applied. "I like the digital work process,” says Eng, “and all the possibilities it offers to play with colors and to create more easily."

Kilian Eng

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I invite the viewer to fantasize about what might happen before and after the exact moment frozen in the picture.

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