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Mech Factory

The futuristic Mech Factory is a digital illustration by concept artist Thomas Pringle that breathes the 'dirty scifi' ambience of movies like Alien and Alien 3. Smoke and steam and industrial machinery with a function that is not quite clear.

Pringle: "I like these glimpses of a future where old craftsmanship is still a part of society. The workers in this image are creating or repairing some sort or robot in an environment that reflects the dawn of the industrialized age. These Mechs are still partly hand-made and these craftsman could be the last of their kind, utilizing knowledge that is going extinct in a decaying civilization."

You can buy this illustration by Thomas Pringle as a limited edition giclee print.

Thomas Pringle

Artist Thomas Pringle was born and raised in Denmark where he graduated in Illustration from the School of Design in 2005. Shortly thereafter he moved to Canada to work on commercial projects for the film and game industry. Some of the games Pringle has worked on include: Halo, Infamous: Second Son and Thief 4. His film work includes Cloud Atlas, the Fantastic Four reboot and Tron: Uprising.

Thomas Pringle Personal Work