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Super Street Fighter II Turbo Box Set

This is a special box set of 16 hand-numbered prints with all the characters of Super Street Fighter II Turbo drawn by key Street Fighter artist Kinu Nishimura. These drawings were originally made as advertisement for Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

This box set includes hand-numbered prints of:
- Balrog
- Blanka
- Cammy
- Chun-Li
- Dee Jay
- Dhalsim
- E. Honda
- Fei Long
- Guile
- Ken Masters
- M. Bison
- Ryu
- Sagat
- T. Hawk
- Vega
- Zangief


Capcom (1979) is a Japanese video game developer and publisher, famous for its iconic Mega Man, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter and Resident Evil series.

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