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The artwork Balance is part of recent explorations by Jan Urschel to use more unusual colour schemes and graphical shapes in his work. Drawing from his early training and experience as a graphic designer, Urschel combines different disciplines to discover new directions in his work.

Thematically Balance is an idea about future humans mastering interstellar travel and starting to colonize other planets. Terraforming has become necessary. This is performed by space needles docking on base stations that are flush with the ground to release atmospheric gasses to establish an atmosphere.

The point of view is from an observation spaceship flying by those giant machines. We see reflections from the interior electronic apparatuses, seemingly floating in the air like particles released from the terraformers.

Jan Urschel

Jan Urschel is a German concept designer and illustrator living and working out of Singapore. With prominent clients like Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Lucasfilm, Marvel, EA, Sony, Ubisoft, LucasArts, Cloud Imperium Games, Psyop and more, Urschel evidently deserves to be considered amongst the the top of his field.

Jan Urschel Personal Work