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Morning Shift

Jan Urschel's artwork Morning Shift shows a dirty, grimy layer below the surface of future metropolises. It is on this level, mostly ignored by the population above, that the garbage collectors go to work early in the morning. Specialized garbage chutes transport the cities' dirt down below ready for pickup by dilapidated, old trucks.

Morning Shift is inspired by the “dirty” visions of the future pioneered by movies such as Blade Runner and Star Wars and by a desire to show the lives and surroundings of the average citizens rather than the heroes. A misty atmosphere, harsh lighting and stark contrasts make for a hostile and unwelcoming setting that nonetheless draws you in and makes you feel the dampness and smell of this environment.

Jan Urschel

Jan Urschel is a German concept designer and illustrator living and working out of Singapore. With prominent clients like Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Lucasfilm, Marvel, EA, Sony, Ubisoft, LucasArts, Cloud Imperium Games, Psyop and more, Urschel evidently deserves to be considered amongst the the top of his field.

Jan Urschel Personal Work