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Franck Tattoo

This original digital art print by artist Julien Renoult is for fans of tattoos. This early, colorful work by Julien Renoult shows the stitched arm of Franck, an imaginary figure created by Renoult. The arm looks like a patchwork quilt, showing a tattoo of a flower, a dragon and a woman that looks like a superhero stitched together. The question is, what does this strange combination of tattoos mean?

Franck Tattoo is a mix of 3D and 2D drawing techniques. Something Renoult likes to experiment with in his work.

Julien Renoult

Julien Renoult (born 1974) is an autonomous artist and art director who has often worked for the film and video game industries. Born in France, Renoult lives and works in the United States, and has been involved in a range of successful video games, like the colorful Sunset Overdrive and Marvel's Spider-Man.

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