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Julien Renoult biography

Julien Renoult (born 1974) is an autonomous artist and art director who often works for the film and video game industries. Born in France, Renoult lives and works in the United States, and has been involved in a range of successful video games, like the colorful Sunset Overdrive and Marvel's Spider-Man. Renoult (aka Leeroy Vanilla) studied as a designer and model maker, and passed summa cum laude as an animator at l'École de l'image Les Gobelins.

Following this, he studied at the prestigious Beaux-Arts Academy in Paris, where he honed his academic skills with M. Debord's anatomy lessons and spent days recreating and sketching exhibits in the Louvre. His classical art education shows in his work (especially his non-studio work): ideas, composition, posing and anatomy are clearly the work of an expert craftsman for instance.
Selected Projects

Sunset Overdrive
Marvel's Spider-Man
Trion Worlds
Team Fortress 2
Ready to Rumble 2
The Crossing

The Scout
Upside Down
The Prodigies

The Colony
Passion Pictures