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Kilian Eng biography

Kilian Eng is one of the most skilled digital illustrators working today, with a lengthy client list including HBO, Wired, Warner Bros and The New York Times. His richly detailed, retro-futurist illustrations, simultaneously dreamlike and rooted in physical realism, continue to attract both private collector and commercial attention and admiration.

Kilian Eng, who practices as DW Design, is Swedish-born and lives and works in his homeland. Having studied at Stockholm’s Konstfack – the city’s university of arts, craft and design – Eng has honed his graphic design and illustration discipline since graduating in 2010, winning several awards for his work in recent years.

Inspired and influenced by artists and designers including Syd Mead, Jean Giraud (Moebius), Maxfield Parrish and Francois Schuiten – and many more besides – Kilian Eng places great importance on the role of light and colour in his illustrations. He intends to add a surrealist, sometimes sci-fi touch to places that could, due to their environmental geometry, be part of an alternative reality – not so detached from our world, but fantastical enough to engage the viewer’s imagination, and encourage them to further speculate on what could be beyond this scene.

Several works by Kilian Eng are currently available for purchase through Cook & Becker, including high-quality prints of illustrations featuring the Castlevania, Phantasy Star and Space Harrier video game series. Further original works are also available.
Selected Kilian Eng clients:
Miami Horror
Heavy Metal
Frite Nite
Telsa Boy
Warner Bros
Red Bull
Wired Italia
Playboy US
The New York Times
Sony PlayStation
Acclaim Magazine
Lazer Sword
The Sound of Arrows