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About the artworks

About our Certified Art Giclees™

Giclee printing is a relatively new printing technique specifically developed for digital art prints. A master printer can create superior-quality prints using this technique. Giclees are made on an individual basis instead as part of a mass edition like lithos.

The market for giclee prints is growing, but there is a big difference in quality. Because Cook and Becker exclusively sells prints made from digitally created art or digitally enhanced art (and not reproductions of paintings for example) our limited-edition prints are usually considered to be the originals. A high quality is therefore very important. That is why Cook and Becker exclusively makes and sells museum-grade Certified Art Giclees™.

Certified Art Giclee™ is the European standard for superior quality giclee prints. It is a hallmark for high-quality, limited edition giclee fine art prints created by Giclee Master Printers who are members of the GPE foundation (Giclee Printers Europe).

The Certified Art Giclee™ hallmark makes it possible to recognize quality. Professionals, collectors, artists and museums use it to distinguish between original, high-quality giclees and prints of an inferior quality.

Certified Art Giclees™ are created by true craftsmen and each master printer makes use of the most advanced techniques, highest quality materials and best suitable inks. The result, a combination of all these factors together with the craftsmanship of the master printer, who has knowledge of the finest details of the process of giclee printing, is astonishing.

Lab tests show that our Certified Art Giclees™ keep their original quality for over a 100 years. That is why we provide our unique lifelong warranty to the original buyer.

All our available custom finishes are also tested to not impact the durability and quality of the giclee print and to enhance the giclees’ inherent qualities.
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About digitally created art

Most of the new generation of artists and photographers uses computers and digital equipment to create their art. All fine art prints sold by Cook and Becker are created from digitally made artwork, digitally enhanced images or digital photography. Our prints and editions are very often intended as the final physical form of an artwork and therefore considered to be the originals. They are not reproductions of a painting for example.

Artist and studio involvement

Our Certified Art Giclees™ and other fine art prints are made on an individual basis from a digital master file that was created in close collaboration between the artist and master printer to accurately reflect the artists' or studio's body of work. Prints are proofed in conjunction with the artists and studios.

All the products that Cook and Becker has on offer are officially licensed.