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Materials & Finishes used

Papers and inks used for Certfied Art Giclees™

Our Certified Art Giclees™ are printed on Radiant White 270 gsm paper or Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White 310 gsm paper.

These 100% cotton archival papers offer superior contrast and are ideal for printing digitally created or digitally enhanced artwork. In combination with the eco-friendly pigment inks and UV-coating that we use, this creates prints of museum-grade quality. That is why we provide a lifelong guarantee on all our Certified Art Giclee™ prints.

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About Diasec® and acrylic glass

With this finishing and mounting process, a print on paper is first glued to a special aluminum panel called Dibond. This provides the backing. Then a sheet of acrylic glass is face-mounted on the print using a transparent gel called Diasec®. Diasec is a transparent gel and patented process used for face mounting prints against acrylic glass. Because of the different light penetration and refraction of our acrylic glass compared to normal glass, the colors of a print behind acrylic glass will show to be more brilliant and the image sharper when compared to standard glass. The Diasec® plus acrylic glass process also makes the print even more resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light and is therefore often chosen for museum-grade usage. The UV protective qualities are on par with those of our fine art prints on metal.
All Diasec and acrylic glass artworks come ready to hang.

What is Dibond?

Dibond is a patented composite plate of aluminum and plastic. The top and bottom of the plate are aluminum and has a polyethylene core.

Dibond is extremely durable, will retains its flatness and will not 'bow' like solid aluminium. It is an ideal backing for giclee prints and fine art photography.

We fasten our prints to the Dibond panels using a non-acid glue that keeps the archival quality of the print intact. Cook and Becker's Dibond mounted Certified Art Giclees™ can be ordered with several finishes such as Diasec with Acrylic glass or Liquid Gloss.
All Dibond mounted artworks come ready to hang.
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What is Liquid Gloss?

Liquid Gloss is an epoxy resin that gets poured on top of the print after it has been mounted on an aluminum Dibond panel that provides the backing.

The liquid epoxy hardens out to a glass-like layer after several days of drying. The end result is a beautiful, clear and high-gloss protective layer with unique rounded edges and corners. Although Liquid Gloss artworks will look beautiful for years the process does not deliver true archival quality. The gloss can yellow a little over the years.

Liquid Gloss has the same contrast enhancing qualities as Diasec with Acrylic glass but saturates the colors slightly, making for a very vibrant piece or artwork.
All Liquid Gloss artworks come ready to hang.
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Unframed fine art prints

The measurements listed next to the artwork are those of the printed surface and not the size of the paper, unless specified otherwise in the artwork description.

All unframed prints are shipped with a white 2.5"/5cm border on all sides used for numbering and signing and to allow for custom framing.

Real-life measurements can deviate slightly from those listed on the site because we round-off to whole numbers online. We therefore recommend that you order custom frames only when you have the print and know the exact measures.

Unframed prints are carefully packed and shipped in a tube with a diameter of at least 4.7"/12 cm.

Wooden frame + acrylic glass

Our high-quality frames are custom made for each artwork by a professional framer.
We frame using a mat (passe-partout) that we place over the print, creating a beautiful decorative white border around the image. If a print is numbered and/or signed on the front we make sure that these elements remain visible. The mat also ensures that the acrylic glass panel does not rest on the printed surface. We fasten our prints to the cardboard back of the frame so that the print won't morph due to air or moisture.

We use acrylic glass instead of regular glass. Acrylic glass is more transparent and lighter than regular glass and does not yellow with age. UV protection is guaranteed because we exclusively print Certified Art Giclees™ or archival quality prints. All framed works come ready to hang.

Our standard frame option measures as follows. Measurements are per individual side! Frame width is 1,6 inch/4 cm, the passe partout 1.96 inch/5 cm, plus we keep a 0.19/0,5 cm border between image and passe-partout. So 3.74 inch/9,5 cm in total.
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About our fine art prints on metal

Our fine art print on metal finish is a high definition giclee print on an aluminum photo panel with a Dibond backing. Unlike what the name suggests, this finish does not create a metallic look. It has a similar look and feel as the more traditional Acrylic and Diasec glass finish but with some improvements.

Giclee printing on metal is a relatively new printing technique whereby water resistant inks are infused in the top layer of an aluminum photo panel using heat and sublimation. The result is a beautiful, contemporary artwork that is of superior quality in terms of contrast and color intensity to most other printing techniques.

Our fine art prints on metal are of museum-grade archival quality and are water, heat and cold resistant, lightweight and scratch proof. All Print on Metal artworks ready to hang with a frame on the back.