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Editions & Guarantee

Exclusivity Guarantee / Reprint Policy

All our fine art prints are created from images that were made digitally or from digital photography. They are not reproductions of a painting or drawing for example. Our Certified Art Giclees™ are therefore often seen as the original physical versions of artworks and we treat them as such. All our Certified Art Giclee™ prints are strictly controlled limited-editions, carefully created by the artist or studio in conjunction with Cook and Becker and our master printer. Cook and Becker B.V. itself will never issue new prints outside the original editions or do reprints. We cannot control how artists or studios might deal with reprints in the future after an edition has been released, but we always try and make arrangements with them about this.

All of Cook and Becker's Certified Art Giclee™ prints are individually created and numbered. They also come with a dated Certificate of Authenticity signed by the master printer and most often signed or marked by the artist or studio.

Warranty on prints

Our prints are archival quality. We provide a lifelong quality-guarantee with regards to fading or yellowing on these products:

- Unframed prints
- Artworks with a Diasec and Acrylic glass finish
- Fine art prints on metal
- Framed artworks

On Dibond and Liquid Gloss artworks we offer a 20-year warranty to the original buyer with regards to fading or yellowing. Liquid Gloss is a newer type of material for which we can't yet accurately predict the archival qualities and therefore can't extend a lifetime guarantee.

If you feel the quality of your artwork has deteriorated, please contact us via our contact form or call our gallery during business hours:

T. +31 30 310 7290
Available 10:00 - 17:00 (Central European Time)

What do AP and EA mean?

AP stands for 'artist's proof' and is the English term for EA which means 'épreuve d'artiste'. These prints are versions of the artwork made for the artist by the printer for final inspection for example.

Edition numbers

All our prints are limited editions and Cook & Becker does not do reprints. You can see the edition size of an artwork on the artwork's page. Edition sizes can vary from 20 to 50 or even 500 and more. Each of our prints comes with its own, unique edition number. This means Cook and Becker guarantees the print in your possession is one of a kind.

For a certain period of time after Cook and Becker launches a new print or print collection, it is possible to select your preferred edition number. For a select period of time after a print is launched, you will be able to select the number you would like your print to have. For instance number 12 out of an edition of 150. After a while the option to choose your preferred edition numbers is switched off. After that you will receive the first available edition number when buying an artwork. If you have a special request for an edition number, please contact us.