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Destiny Fine Art Print Collection

The official Destiny fine art print collection consists of multiple museum-grade quality prints made from original digital concept art used in the production of Destiny. Among them key artworks by Bungie concept artists Jesse van Dijk, Jaime Jones, Dorje Bellbrook, Ryan deMita, Kekai Kotaki and Joseph Cross.

The collection features beautiful Destiny landscape art, character designs and Destiny's 'postcard' or 'touch stone' images. These images were made during the development of the video game to capture the core ideas and capture key design ideas behind the mythical sci-fi world of Destiny.

Destiny is a video game blockbuster. Upon release in 2014 the game broke multiple sales records and won countless awards. The audiovisual design of Destiny is one of the highlights of the modern video game industry. The visuals were shaped by a stellar team of artists and designers at Bungie and it shows. The artists at Bungie created more concept art for Destiny than for all of Bungie’s previous seven games combined.

Core principles for the visual design of Destiny were 'mythic sci-fi' and 'hopeful and inviting'. The game takes places seven centuries into the future where human civilization is slowly disappearing from the galaxy. Not in a post-apocalyptic way, but gradually receding. The player visits planets and locations where human remnants are still to be found but mankind has disappeared. The hopeful, positive visual design of the world was a focus because Destiny is meant to be a long-lasting online game where players can spend a lot of time. The world, therefore, needed to invite and entice you to explore.

'Mythic sci-fi' can be seen as science fiction with fantasy influences. Destiny has spaceships but also magic and mysterious, ancient ruins and locations for players to explore. Star maps are styled after ancient sea charts, there are runes etc. The Destiny artists looked at numerous sources for inspiration including classic films Solaris and Stalker by Russian film-maker Adrei Tarkovsky and Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits. The 1970's sci-fi of John Harris, Zdzilas Beksinski and Peter Gric was inspirational as was anime and the work of Japanese artists and sculptors Takayuki Takeya and Kow Yokoyama. The influence of classic Western movies is present in the game's setting of living on the frontier of course, but also in the 'old color' palette with its rust tones.

Destiny Fine Art Print Collection

Original concept art prints from Bungie's scifi masterpiece

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