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The Last Of Us Fine Art Print Collection

Official concept art prints from the award-winning video game The Last Of Us, by game studio Naughty Dog.

Los Angeles based studio Naughty Dog wants to change the way people experience games. The studio established their cinematic flair and prowess in game development with the successful game series Uncharted. With The Last of Us< they've used that expertise to create an emotionally resonant story featuring believable and warm human characters.

In The Last of Us you follow the taciturn Joel and rebellious teen Ellie on their survival trek across a post-apocalyptic America where mankind has been infected by a deadly, terrifying virus. The game is literally and thematically a Western. Ellie and Joel’s journey towards a more hopeful future covers four seasons and starts in Boston, leads through Pittsburgh and ends in the western Rocky Mountains.

Under the direction of creative director Neil Druckman, Naughty Dog has delivered a game reminiscent of Conrad McArthy's The Road and Alfonso Cuarón's film Children of Men. In the press the game has been justly called "The Citizen Kane of Games". The Last of Us is a Hollywood blockbuster that feels like it has been made with a rare amount of creative freedom. The game's has fantastic art direction, is a technical marvel and dares to take risks with its story and characters. Perhaps it's biggest achievement is that it marries many different elements and innovations that have been developed in games in the last decade into a coherent whole and pushes them forward. The art, narrative, the acting, the animation and the beautifully realized post-apocalyptic America are all exceptional and convincing.

The Last of Us is a milestone in the modern games industry and a completely confident piece of game making. It's effect on game development will be felt for years to come.

Official The Last of Us Art Print Collection

Beautiful print set by Naughty Dog and Cook & Becker

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