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Entering the Forbidden Lands

'Entering the Forbidden Lands' is the second official Shadow of the Colossus art print by artist Kilian Eng and Cook and Becker after his highly popular Shadow of the Colossus work from 2019.

This art print is available in two editions in the same sizes as his previous Shadow of the Colossus print. The paper size for the standard edition is 71 x 49 cm. The size of the large is 109 x 76 cm.

Kilian Eng says about his beautiful 'Entering the Forbidden Lands': "This is a companion to my first Shadow of the Colossus print. That one is outside and bright, in contrast to the cool surroundings in the temple in this work. Furthermore, there are some similarities in the composition, even though that may not be obvious right away. In Forbidden Lands for instance we see the two columns with a colossal statue in the middle, while in the first print the colossus is framed by two cliffs on each side. And there are more small similarities like that :)".

Kilian Eng

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Entering the Forbidden Lands Print

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